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A letter from December 3rd, 2018

Dear Future Soso,
This year, (2018), started off great! You passed your Nclex on the first try and became a Registered Nurse. Your dream finally came true! You got your first job at a level 1 trauma center and that was awesome too! Unfortunately, life happens and its not always easy. You had to quit your job because you realized that you deserved to be happy. That job was taking away your happiness and you were getting so sick. You worked so hard, you never had the chance to go on break and you lost over 10lbs. I know quitting wasn't easy and that was a last resort. I know you still think back and say how you regret leaving. Just know it was for the best because health and happiness always comes first.
After you left that job, you went to an ER closer to home. You absolutely loved this job and everyday you went to work happy and came home happy. This job was short lived though.. after 6 days you were fired because your preceptor lied about you. Please remember it wasn't your fault and you will find something better. Im so proud of you for fighting for your rights about the situation. Your attention to detail, and great memory helped you win the case and the hospital changed your termination to a resignation!
I know that event has hardened you and you don't trust new people anymore. That is okay. Give yourself time to heal.
I also know you are struggling to find work. You will find something soon. Let life guide you and try not to worry so much. Try not to be depressed. You have such a great support system. Hopefully when you read this next year, you are doing it big and living your best life. Stay strong soso! I love you :3

Sent 12 months to the future, from December 4th, 2018 to 7 months ago

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