Time Travelled — almost 3 years

A letter from October 9th, 2018

Dear FutureMe,

When we traveled to Prague last year, the guy who took us out to Terezin told the history of how the Czech Republic, the most economically successful European country prior to WWII, transitioned from democracy to fascism (Nazi rule) and eventually to communism. It involved apathy and entitlement, and an unwillingness to have difficult conversations even when they needed to be had.

Considering the divisiveness of politics in the US - and elsewhere in the world - I especially recall his comment that you never realize at the time that you've voted in your last free and fair election. It took the Czech people 40 years to escape communism. So where is the US now? Where is the world? Are we even more polarized or have we found people with the moral courage to lead us toward one another and ways to come together? What have YOU done to ensure positive and productive dialogue, even if just in your own community and with your own circle of friends?

And as the happiness guru (Fred Luskin of Stanford) said, happy people tend to wake up in the morning thinking, β€œWhat can I do to have a better day?” Less happy people wake up and think, β€œI have so much crap to do.” It's a choice. What choice have you been making lately?


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