Time Travelled — almost 3 years

A letter from October 5th, 2018

Dear FutureMe,
I hope you would do better. Keep going. It's hard but it's reality. You have to face it. You still have a long, long way to go and it's really up to you if you still choose to walk in path wherein you face many obstacles, problems and trials, whether you handle all the possible pain and suffering yet still continues to thrive for real happiness or you'd choose to walk astray because you like you're tired, it's hopeless, maybe it feels like you don't care anymore.. but you always want to hold on and hopefully you will cope unto it. Besides.. nothing is permanent here on earth, except those precious memories, efforts and the great deeds that you have done while you're alive. Despite all the noises around you... keep calm, smile and be the best person you'll be. Have faith and love <3

Oct 5th, 2018 → Oct 5th, 2021 • 147 words

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