Time Travelled — about 4 years

A letter from April 26th, 2018

Apr 26, 2018 May 27, 2022


Dear FutureMe,
HAPPY 30th birthday! I really hope that you are happy today. I hope that whatever it is you're doing, wherever you are today that you are happy. I can't believe we're 30! Wow! Aging is so weird isn't it? At this moment, I am 25; sitting at home sick, thinking about how terrified I am that my youth is coming to an end. The thing is, I have no idea what to do with our life. I don't know if I want to get into marketing, but that's where I'm at right now. I miss writing, but it seems that I do everything these days but write. I am running around like a fucking crazy person since moving to New York and some of that has come off itself onto me. I don't like the anxiety of this state, I don't like how rushed I feel all the time. I feel like there isn't enough time in the day to think all the things I want to think, read all the things I want to read, and do all the things I want to do- does that get better wherever you are? Are you happier now? Did we find what we loved? If we didn't- I hope that we are at least happy. 30 is a big number, try not to be afraid of it. We are 30, flirty and thriving! Hopefully..

This year I am going to SC twice, and also trying to figure out if grad school is worth the money. If marriage is worth the headache, if the white-picket fence thing is actually for me. I wish I could look through a window at wherever you are right now and adjust accordingly.

Did you get married?!
Did you have any regrets?
Did you ever make it back to California?
Where else in the world have you gone?

So many questions! But I'm sure you have answered them all already. I love you so much, I love us, and I love this experience on earth.

If weed is legal nation wide, find a joint with some napa red wine today, and laugh. Laugh, dance, cry, celebrate. Happy 30th


about 22 hours later

Why Hello there 25 year old self. My goodness, what a journey we’ve already had and will continue on.

Yes, things will slow.
Yes, you’ll continue in marketing - and do well.

Guess what? You did make it back to California. But not exactly what you had in mind - it’ll be Northern California this time. You move yourself to San Francisco.

Haha, yes. I know.

Yes the cats join you! And are in great health.

But it wasn’t the sunny California dream you had in mind - while it’ll be good for your soul - it’ll be hard too. It’s the beginning of a major transformational chapter of your life. But bear in mind the world around you, and everything that you knew - will completely change.

But you’ll survive. And become stronger because of it.

More Good news. You do get married - to your soulmate in glacier national park. It snowed, hailed, and poured rain - but it was the happiest day of your life.

I can’t give it all away though. The years you’re residing within aren’t perfect, and will form the person you’ll be later - but you’ll love, respect, and appreciate that person so much. Don’t worry too much and try to enjoy your twenties -because you can’t go back.

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