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A letter from January 1st, 2018

Dear FutureMe,
I am writing this to you while just lazing in my house with the heater on and tv noise in the background. Yes, I was bored and stumbled upon this website. Sounded good to me. So here I go.

Today is the 1st day of 2018. It went pretty well I suppose. I bought a nice hand bag for myself, had papdi chaat and chinese also. Mom makes amazing manchurian. Today is Monday and I have to go back to Pune on Friday after a long vacation. Ya I feel a bit bad but that is how it works. I have to go there, study well, work upon myself, see what happens to my MMB Pune admission and how does the EU certificate course co, if I get admitted to it. There is so much hype about Symbhav. Is it that good? Or even good? Idk why I doubt.
Oh btw, I got a haircut finally. I felt good initially but I'm crying from inside now. Listen girl, no matter what people suggest, PLS DO NOT CUT YOUR HAIR let it grow long and straight you look better in it. And one more lesson from this year is - do not colour your hair yourself pls aise stunt na kar.

So, what were the highlights of 2017? Basically, I passed out of school(lol don't even get me started on this), I gave Clat (don't get me started on this either), got into Symbi (as I predicted) and currently, figuring out how to survive over there. Initially I thought everybody was so good and my long lost best friends or something, but now all I can say is be cautious. Do not open yourself to anyone, even if you're so sure about that person in your life. I'm saying this because I know that people can sway you away by just acting kind and caring. But as I have witnessed this year, that is just a mask that eventually falls off. So, beware. And don't regret anything, since people cross your path due to a reason. You are learning with every experience and getting wiser. And I think that is what you wish to do - to observe, to experience, to learn.
Keep applying for summer/winter schools and scholarships. At least to satiate yourself. And try helping the needy, whenever you can. Be selfless when it is actually needed, not when somebody asks for your notes shamelessly without a quid pro quo :)))) yup I've done that stupidity.

Also, I'm thinking to be super active in reachout. I hope I make several visits in the homeless shelter. I go there to teach but come back much more learned. I'm pretty curious to know how this year will go, and how much my hair will grow :(
And I hope you're still in touch with your penfriend from 7 cups :) there is indeed a lot of learning when I talk to her. This reminds me that I must read The Secret this year.

Whatever this year may bring, I am certain about one thing - that you lady, you are a gem. A real one. Unquestionable and undisputed.

Sent 12 months to the future, from January 1st, 2018 to 8 months ago

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