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A letter from January 1st, 2018

Dear FutureMe,

Its January 1, 2018. This year doesn't start well because of my hangover but I'm gonna make sure that it will be a great year for me. I'm going to graduate 5 months from now and i hope that i can get a job that I want. This year, I think im gonna have a boyfriend. He's a friend of mine and we just fell in love. My future self, Have you fulfilled your promise? Do you really stop drinking? Are you able to control your anger and lived a happy life? Have you been loyal to him? I hope so. I was wondering if you are able to help your family and achieved some of your minor goals in life? List it down for me please. I always want to have a contented life, are you still working on that or you're just settling on what you have? Dont make wrong decisions that you will regret okay? Be happy. I hope that if you received this email, you are smiling because you had a beautiful year to cherish. Keep it up girl! I'm counting on you😊

Sent 12 months to the future, from January 1st, 2018 to over 1 year ago

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