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A letter from December 31st, 2017

Dear Future Audra,

I hope 2018 was good to you. I hope it brought you health and happiness to you, mom, dad, the dogs, and everyone else around you. I hope you are finally happy with yourself - I hope you're doing awesome at your (new) job, if all that crap worked out. I just hope everything is better for you.. because right now, it's 5:52 pm on 12/31/17, and you're sitting downstairs, sad af, doing laundry, looking back on the shittiest year possible... you lost a family member in February, your car was totaled in December, your dad was slightly sick, your bank account was hacked... it was not fun. I hope 2018 brought you happiness.. most importantly, with yourself. I hope it brought you new friends, and hopefully someone who loves you the way you deserve to be loved.

I hope things were better. ♥

Sent 12 months to the future, from December 31st, 2017 to over 1 year ago

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