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A letter from August 19th, 2017

Dear FutureMe,
Hi from 8 months ago. I know at that time you'll be relaxed. No matter how great you did on your admission exam, you're doing the best.
By the way, can you still remember the past? You really love country music especially Brad Paisley and Zac Brown Band. When Brad's official channel released Love and War album, you clicked on notifications in just 1 minutes. At that time you look like a redneck, and you always hate some of these radio country songs because it sounds too pop and hip-hop.
Apart from country songs, you loved Jason Mraz. I won't give up is still be one of the best songs I've ever heard. I hope at that time you'll still keep Jason Mraz in mind.
Can you remember you used to play violin. The fascinating instrument! but I doubt at that time you may forget about it cause you don't have time. Come on, you just need to manage your time to do some thing you love.
And about the dogs, have you ever planned to pet your first Siberian Husky. You always dream of having it as your child but you may fear whether you can treat it properly. I want you to realize something, after your first experience of guppies, nothing is impossible for you!
Let's talk about some serious things, Have you think about which institute do you connect with more. Think about what's going to be with your life, I hope that time I won't need luck and looking back from now on, I know I must do my best.
And how about social activities, you always planned about some charity work. Have you ever planned to do something like that yet? If not, university project is one way to do that. Let's help people when you still can do it.
Finally, I hope at that time I would be happy to read all of these things wrote 8 months ago that want you, right now, to do what you like and help people the most!
Best regards

Sent 7 months to the future, from August 19th, 2017 to over 2 years ago

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