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Hey You, This is You From 10 Months Ago, LISTEN TO YOURSELF!

Dear You.

This is coming from you written August 19th 2009 at 10:13pm. You at this time, were just sitting watching Gilmore Girls, freaking out about graduation. Because Rory is gradding college. It reminded you that you're going to be graduating this year, since this is your grade 12 year you are going into. I imagine that this email will reach you before you grad, since they moved the dates, I hear. Just to be safe, I am going to send this to you at the end of May, you might get it a month early, but oh well. This is me... well you... which is me... that we're talking about. I feel like Henry.

Before we go any farther, I would like to tell you to... CALM DOWN, CALM DOWN, CALM DOWN! You can do this, you can so do this.

I know that this thought, of you walking across that stage, has felt like nothing but a mere dream for so long, since you started school. Damn, when you started school you weren't even sure where you would be living you moved so much, now look at it, you're gradding in the same place you've been going to school for six years. That's a large number for you.

I have no idea where you will be at this time, and at this moment I have a weird feeling concerning friends. I hope everything works out for you, well, us.

By now, you will have been accepted to schools. Right now I'm thinking I am applying to GPRC, but something is really calling me to UBC. Something that is really strong and might prevail. If you're still confused, pick UBC, please, pick UBC. You love the ocean.

Lael would like to interupt with a:

I know, that you right now, always listen to what others tell you, about your future, what you should do, what you should be, but I hope that you will, by this time, be strong enough to listen to yourself. There is going to be so much advice coming to you at this point, you'll be going crazy. Listen to your heart, please. Don't go somewhere you don't want to go, go where you feel you need to. Everything is going to work out fine. Just remember what Bob Marley said in Three Little Birds.

You, I, We, have one year left of highschool, one year, and then we're done. We start a new chapter in our life. It's probably weird I'm writing in the third person like this, but oh well. A new chapter in the life of Sam will be starting, and from when the page of this new chapter is open, the story will flow on from there, with its ups and its downs, but all of them will write a story of a life well lived. I can promise myself this.

Calm the eff down now,



Sent 9 months to the future, from August 20th, 2009 to about 10 years ago

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