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FutureMe Hello!

Dear FutureMe,

I always love finding new and interesting websites. When finding this one I was all over it! It reminded me of one of the scences from one of the Back to the Future movies when Micheal J. Fox (I forget his character's name) receives a letter from the professor to his FutureMe. I though wow! How cool and inventive of these webmasters to bring it to the world wide web. I had to give it a try.

The year is 2003. 2003 in my dreams was a good year but, in reality it sucks! It's September the 27th to be exact. I have no J O B I love, no money, no man who adores me, can't afford more classes right now, no beautiful apartment, my facial skin is still the pits (literally). no super wardrobe, no real brains, I want lazer hair removal, plastic surgery to fix my not so perfect ears. I'll stop right there and maybe finish up with another letter.

Wishing me all the best in the world!

Sent 17 years to the future, from September 27th, 2003 to almost 2 years from now

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