Time Travelled — 12 months

A letter from Feb 05, 2023

Feb 05, 2023 Feb 05, 2024


Peaceful right?

dear future me, i hope ur okay. no matter where you are, i hope that every moment that you spent wishing you were a different person turns into something better for you. i hope school got better, and that you're happy again, and you now sit in your room somewhere thanking yourself for not giving up during those times. because you deserve that. so if you make it to that point, and if you are reading this, thank you. so much. thanks for not giving up on us. because the truth is, no matter how many times you cried on the bathroom floor wishing for someone to take your pain away, when you were underwater, you still came up for air.


2 months later

hey past me....

Ofr egbeiivnl me ni nkstha. Oohcls tog trbtee ee,trtb ddnt’i ulltcaya tongihn etg. Blea ot tath im’ lelt eher gadl m’i ’im you tbu jsut.

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about 1 month ago

hey, I know I'm just some stranger, but I used to feel this way. I would sit in my room and sob because everyone kept telling me 'it'll get better' and it never did. Just keep pushing forward, and I promise that in time, though it may take longer than you'd like, it really and truly will. You'll find the things that make you happy, the people that make you smile, the places that make you feel at home, and bit by bit things will improve until one day you'll realise that maybe the people telling you it would get better weren't lying after all, it just took some time. Don't give up, keep pushing, keep fighting, keep doing everything you can to keep yourself here, because I promise there's light at the end of it.

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