Time Travelled — 11 months

A letter from Sep 02, 2022

Sep 01, 2022 Aug 01, 2023


Peaceful right?

Dear FutureMe, Hello it's the night before back to school for senior year... I am scared things are not looking good for us right now and I don't know what to do. I feel powerless and life I came back to those... Years. I wanted to go on that field trip to Germany or to the prom but I don't think that'll be possible anymore. I don't even know.. Hah.. I am also scared from physics. Parcoursup. Our teachers. I am terrified of the near future where I'll be leaving to another continent alone and utterly lost. I am scared of medical school well that's if I can even get in. I know it's probably though for you too right now since you're closer to this last part than me. I hope me work at least made you proud of your efforts even if they don't work out. We're still kids no matter what we can make mistakes it's normal and I know we forget that a lot. We'll I need to sleep to go to school tomorrow so.. See ya ?


9 months later

Update : I got into medical school...

L,fei nirose mheo of leki rolpybba ym eth am and htiw aoabrd omeersmi dmae lli' eno of enrdsif mgizana it i is eomh evyaritlel swa sangpis rbmemere all ioggn nda nad os nsdte'o gihh os ryae ianmg,za mayn i oogd ryesa eelf myenora rdah cs,rose.
Ifel mtso dhra lertet ni fo i wtah ivaedhec i isllt hvae tub hatt ewatdn is.

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