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Ashia You Betta open me righ' na gurl <(-.-)/

YAY! Oma Gosh, Hi Ashia, it's me Ashia, From the past(:
It's Monday July 8th, 2013, 1 in the morning.

I'm 17 Right now and desperately waiting to be 21; which you are today(If I did my math right)! I'm bored out of my mind living in the parents' house. I found this thing by some site. I kinda hope you don't remember. Because I wouldn't want to. haha.. pretty boring life. My Huawei Mercury phone got dropped in ocean water and fried. So not only do I not have a life, I have no phone now.

I know you're moved out, missy!! If you're not I'd kill you if I could. That's the only thing I want nowadays it seems..
How is the Michael issue? I had another dream of him last night. Oddly enough we were playing volleyball together o.o..uh lol. Not the most romantic one..though it was still cute and heart-warming(: But, straight up, I hope you're either
A) Over him.
B) Finally reunited!
C) With someone better
It's almost been a year since him and I first got together and I still dream of him and stuff.. and it still hurts, I wake up crying even now),: I thought I was stronger than that haha..
But enough of that!! I'm going to get that July slot for the commisary filled out hopefully soon. Did you ever get the job?? Oh I wish I could see now.
But then again, you're 21, you're probably on your way to a career by now.
What about your hair!! I convinced myself that it would grow down to the middle of my back by then. Don't you dare cut it hella short!! I want to be an old lady with long bomb ass hair, you hear me?
Did you ever complete a story? I'm working on the yin yang one, but I'm almost sure I'll give up on it. I pretty much gave up on my self-teaching chess lessons as well hah.
I wonder why I keep asking you questions. Because I know you have the answers but it's not like you could tell me ^-^;
But then again you ARE me, I'm sure you understand. I hope you get this letter.
That would be such a waste of time if you didn't use ashiadavenport789@gmail anymore. A pain in the ass really. I'm pouring my heart into this.
I always promised myself I'd make up for the hell I'm living in right now. How's Kassidy? You chill with Andrea now? Did that stalker Jon Cortina ever find you..?
I wonder if things ever worked out with Ivy and Sarah.

You probably don't want that pygmy marmoset anymore, huh? You used to be obsessed with tiny monkeys. ...Oh no.. how's Tiger..? I feel so sad at just the thought of him not being with me 4 years later. I hope I didn't make you cry with this letter),: because I almost made my own self
Be saving your money girl. Don't forget how much hope I have as a 17yr old for my future that should be kicking off at 21. Don't let my teenage goals and dreams down. I hope you got that tattoo; the one that should say "He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Psalm 147:3" Because people nowadays are getting sucked into atheism and illuminati shit, I want you to forever have the marking of God with you so you never lose your way. Well you won't exactly be able to haha ...>_> hopefully......^.^ !
I hope you still wear your cross necklace.
Your car/truck better be red and pimped out with LED pulsing lights on the inside!

I know how you are girl hah.. and knowing kinda scares me actually, I wonder how much you've changed........
I hope you tried pole-dancing, I've always wanted to try.
If I was you right now(which I am but) 21 yrs old, I'd probably be like:
"Omg I was so cute back then and I wish I could give everything I know now to my teenage self."
Trust me. I wish that too. I'm not sure of anything right now. I'm desperate, alone, misunderstood, and depressed.
I have little to no social life, and haven't gone green in a longass time. I wish I could see all your sweet pieces now!! I want to forever be one with the earth, do you understand?!
lol if you still have your northern liqhtz twitter.
I hope your 21st birthday is hella bomb
because that shit always sucks. just spent 4th of july with 'em..and wow.. would you even still understand how miserable I am right now.. I hope not. -_-
Oh and you're coming close to the age of bearing children. BETTER NOT HAVE ONE OF THOSE LITTLE DEVIL THINGS YET THO ALRIGHT?
If it's a girl, I hope you still name her Alice Angel [Enter Last Name Here]. Alice meaning truth in greece, and Angel being a messanger of God; also greece; then nick-name her alley-cat(:

I'm trully sorry that I have no real advice for you. You see, I'm still looking for things like that myself. I hope my boobs and ass got bigger doe(;

At 17, I'm always constantly trying to gain. I'm 5'4ft and trying to get to 126/127lbs.... I'm currently like 108lbs.
Wow sad right? I want to kick myself in the face to death. I'm one pound away from underweight, gross.
Gosh, but I absolutely know you're so much prettier now. This is your prime. Do everything you possibly can. The grueling family-of-your-own life isn't too far off now unfortunately. GET DRUNK while you still can, chick.

I'd make this longer, But I've run out of things to say, also, as easily distracted as I am; I've already stopped to stare and day-dream 53.792 times already.

I wish you luck and a Happy 21st Birthday LIKE FINALLY, from you(4 years ago).
I don't know where Tiger is in your future. But I'm going to give him a big hug for you right now, I promise. Stay open-minded, say, "awwwwww!", and go hug someone because you're so emotional now after reading this(:
I don't think I can say goodbye to myself so...

New Me,

Sent 3 years to the future, from July 8th, 2013 to over 1 year ago

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