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A letter from June 23rd, 2011

Dear FutureMe,
So if you're reading this, then that means that you didn't forget your email address password. Also, I'd like to say happy birthday, and congrats on making it to the age of 16. : )
Mm, how's life? Has anything changed? Did you get a boyfriend? Or did Tree or Panda confess to you? ;). Did you move like everyone had wanted you to move? Or did Mom permit you to stay in town? I know a lot of things have changed since Dad died, and the strain of having to raise a 13 year old by herself may have been hard... But I just hope that the relationship between you two is a lot better than it is now, and that you two will agree on things more. Mom may not be the most open-minded person in the world, but please remember that she's trying her best to keep what's left of the family together. Like Steffi had said, "Mom's trying her hardest for us. She may act like she doesn't care about your opinion, but the truth is, she tells me all about it later on. It's not that she doesn't care, it's just that she has a hard time showing it."
The fact that you can read this letter also shows that you didn't succumb to your depression. By doing so, it means that you're a lot tougher than I had originally thought myself to be. Did you ever tell anyone about this, other than Steffi?
Do you still have the same old friends that you know and love? Or did you make new ones? During this time, I'm going to be in 8th grade at the start of the school year. Middle school is said to be the end of some friendships, and the beginning of new ones. Did I go through that? I know that this year had many "firsts" for me, like one of my friends actually having a crush on me, and of course Dad dying, and getting into GAP. But because of all those events, I had gotten to meet people that I wish I would never forget, and my bond with the friends I already had have grown to be better.
Do you still have the same crush on that one person? Or did you give up on him because of how he had more things in common with Squishy that he did with you? And did you ever learn to type 100+ words per minute? xD
Oh well. Whatever you did, I'm sure you'll figure something out for it. You always do, in the end.
And I'm sorry about using so many code names up there. xD. Some of them are only a secret between Erika and me. Remember her? She's your BPB4E. And I really hope you didn't forget about her that easily. She and Charity had supported you through so much...
Sorry for writing a whole page of your sucky life as of now. xD. I just wanted to get you to remember these things.

Don't forget your email address!,
13 years old.
June 23, 2011
3:37 am.

Sent 2 years to the future, from June 23rd, 2011 to over 4 years ago

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