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LAWRENCE THIS IS HOPE. and im in 8th grade(:

Dear FutureLAWRENCE,
did you just get confused? i hope so(: welllll ok so remember wayyy back in 8th grade, when i told you to never ever change your email address... until senior year? well hey. this is why. i actually, just noww via facebook told you never to ever ever change your email address. and i stole your email address off of facebook. because im just a stalker like that(: ok sooo remember again waaaaayyyyy back in 8th grade... so like right now. when you were a man whore? hahaha i love you. but remember that? are you still one? cause... well..... thats cool. kinda. haha. that was definatly.... yeah. ok. so. if you still go to CCS, i hope you've loved your high school career here, since your a senior, anddd if you dont go to CCS anymore, cause you moved again, and you now live as an aboriginee in portugal(: jk welllll i miss you. and love you. my number is still (probably) 423 208 0021, well at the moment it is, so try that number, and if it doesnt work.... well that sucks poop. i still miss you if you dont go to CCS, and i hope your aborigional life has computers so you can get this email(: you were my best friend the end of 7th grade, the summer between 7th and 8th, and the beginning of 8th. we're still great friends, but to me, i dont know about me to you, but from you to me, your my best friend. well... best GUYY friend. faith is my best friend. and she likes you. right now. in 8th grade. i figured it doesnt really matter anymore cause your a senior now. in portugal. living among the mayans.... do they live in portugal? i hope this email comes up in portugese. or maybe you still remember english. KEEP THE ENGLISH ALIIIVEE MY BROTHAA! (: this is a really long email. but read it all. cause its from my heart. and *tear* i meann itt!! hahahah that was supposed to be dramatic. (: im a silly girl in Beauty & the Beast! you BETTER see it. well you better HAVE seen it. cause your like. 18 now. oh my gosh your 18. dude. YOUR DRIIIVING. heaven help us all!!! well.... heaven help all the aborigional portugesians. i love you.
i miss you. i think. if your away i miss you. if your at CCS then your awesome and lets be good friends again. cause that was fun. when we had this like text only relationship in 7th/8th grade. but lets actually talk in person this time. cause thats what all the cool kids are doing. OH MY GOSH i just thought. ok. so this is like 2014 right? DO YOU HAVE A JET PACK? did you fly to school this morning? thats amazing. no like... AMAZING. but if not, then thats totally lame and i dont even care(: well, this is really long. soooo bye(:
your awesome
(the 8th grade version)

p.s. D.C. IS COMING UPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOOOOOSSSSSHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your favorite thing ever. cause you get to do all the politically advanced crap that only you care about(: which is TOTALLY... cool..... maybe. are you still into that stuff? dude, sorryy buuutttt if you ever ran for president, i wouldnt vote for you. your AWESOME... but no. hahaha. maybe for the president of portugal though!!!! yeah yeah! i'd totally become a citizen just for THAT. you go portugal yeahhhh!!!! (: aight bye for real this time.

Sent 4 years to the future, from February 3rd, 2010 to over 4 years ago

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