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Real Letters: Trust your journey

Sent Jan 23 2021. Time travelled 11 months.

Published Mar 23rd, 2022

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Dear Future Me,

I know the past year has been a rollercoaster of emotions. You are doing great navigating so much uncertainty.

Covid19, racial unrest and the negative political climate were big and out of your control. Yet, you managed to stay positive most days and still help and support others.

I know you have been feeling directionless and unmotivated professionally. Maybe this is your way to cope and give yourself a little break. It’s ok. Ok to not perform, produce and be so driven for a little while. I see you being consistent w your Peloton and that right there is a win! Could this be where caring for yourself becomes a primary focus? Being more mindful w Lulu a gift? Working on your relationship and home a highlight? What if this is exactly where you are meant to be? What if taking some down time births the next phase of inspo and creativity?

Trust your journey. Believe in yourself and remember how much you’ve done over the years. You are entitled to little breaks and moments of your own unknowing.

We are now in 2021 w a new President and first woman VP! A wonderful time in history to shoe Lu and others that anything is possible. Find hope in this and in the new vaccines. Things will shift and improve. They always do. There are many ups when we’ve been so down. Those highs be even more meaningful now.

The gift of time and a slower pace you have been feeling can seem lonely or uncomfortable. Embrace them. Even w some discomfort know they are opportunities. For you, for Lu and for so many to prioritize truly meaningful parts of their lives and of themselves.

I believe in you. I admire and love how you give love, kindnessAnd attention to so many. You are beautiful and strong. Stay just the way you are.

I love you!Me