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Real Letters: Sagittarius moon

Sent Dec 16 2020. Time travelled 6 months.

Published Mar 9th, 2022

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Dear FutureMe,

Hi, I hope you are well and in good spirits! This morning I did a meditation for a Sagittarius New Moon and the end of the meditation suggested me to send this letter to you. I have no idea what a Sagittarius Moon or any of those things are outside of basic horoscope signs. But regardless I am here in the living room with Kodak writing this letter.

My intentions for this new moon are for you to move in love and have peaceful thoughts. I hope you can get rid of negativity and be more understanding of others who have a different life perspective than you and be okay and at peace with that.

I hope you are facing, embracing, and conquering your shadows one by one. I believe that you are calm, established in your routines that we have set and that you are working on something that you love doing - and that it makes you feel happy and secure.

I love you and I believe in you!