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Real Letters: Don't lose yourself

Sent August 8 2011. Time travelled 10 years.

Published Jun 27th, 2022

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Dear FutureMe,

It is August 7th, 2011, and you sitting here in the living room of your house writing this. In less than 10 days you will be back at school, starting your junior year in college. You are missing Amanda so much, and you cannot wait to hold her close all day as soon as you see her. She is the best thing in your life; don't let her go. You have plans to be with her forever. I hope they have come true.

You are still not sure if you want to go to law school or grad school. You have plans to do good in the world. Don't sacrifice your ideals for the pursuit of money. If you take away anything from your youth, remember your optimism and hope for a bright future. You believe this is the basic foundation for all positive change in the world.

Don't lose yourself.