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Dear Future Self letters: a FutureMe compilation

If you’ve ever written a letter to your future self, you know it can be a valuable tool for reflection. You can even use it as a form of expressive therapy similar to diary writing. But how do others to it? And what can we learn from them?

Published Feb 27th, 2023

You can write a FutureMe letter to encourage your future self and stay on track to your goals. Or you can just use it get your thoughts from the present moment out on paper, to clear your mind and let your future self look back on what your life was like, and see how far you've come.

The letter writing process seems simple, right? You just write what you want to say to yourself in the future, choose when you want it to be sent, and even choose to share it publicly but anonymously. Easy!

…or is it? All too often we suffer from writer’s block and can’t work out what to put in that empty space on the letter page. Where should we start? What’s most important? What does it all mean?!

Chill. Those Public Letters we mentioned a minute ago are full of great letter writing inspo. Here’s a quick compilation of some hand-picked goodies to get your creative juices fizzing. Hopefully, the writers’ words will serve not just to uplift their future selves, but to give you and idea or two for your own letters.

Strength in adversity

First up, a beautiful letter that provides words of encouragement during times of challenge. It reminds us of the beauty of motherhood, and the author’s remarkable inner strength.

Dear FutureMe,

This is your past self, I'm glad you have your license and many more accomplishments you have achieved so far. Just know it wasn't easy. Stay humble and realize where you came from. Take a minute to reflect on the things you struggled on and cried about. The support you have, the love you showed and many more. You are a boss babe and a boss mom. You wanted this so bad so your children can live the life you always wanted and never have to worry about anything. Break generational curses and be the one who makes millions have more money and gives the most. Don't stay where you are now, elevate to the highest point you can and continue to go forward. Have a healthy mind and a healthy body. Have an incredible life experience, which includes all the things you want. Better: person, money, love life, best friend, family, relationship, pay.  No hate or evil things can bring you down as long as the universe is within you.


This super-inspiring letter highlights that you — yes you! — should be your greatest and most loyal supporter. It's important to high-5 yourself for your achievements and to remember that you have the power to manifest your dreams by forging your own path with hard work.

Dear FutureMe,

Oh my gosh you did it! You formed your business and it's growing! You are reaching people and beginning to change peoples lives! Keep going and don't forget why you started this! Keep striving and giving people a different way to connect with themselves. You look so beautiful when you embody yourself and allow all of the criticism and judgment to fade away. Don’t let a few things hold you back.

Not everyone understands what you are doing, still just keep creating momentum around Authentic Soul, keep pushing your brand forward because you are going to reach millions of people. You are finally living in your soul assignment and helping the collective.

Keep striving, keep creating, keep connecting, you are the brightest star.


A person in purple pants removes a letter from a giant orange envelope.


One of the most common — and, tbh, depressing — forms of discouragement? Not seeing the results of our efforts immediately. We push, we hustle and yet … nothing seems to come of it. The whole world seems to be against us. We might even wonder what our past selves were thinking when we set out to achieve whatever it is we want. But of course, good things take time, and this letter speaks volumes about that.

Dear FutureMe,

Firstly, I am so proud of you - for the steps you are taking and the moves you are making. It seems like a slow process sometimes, but it's your process, only one day at a time and wherever it is you'll get there. Don't be discouraged, working and learning has always been challenging, and now more than ever you've got a lot on your shoulders. However, push and it will be worth it.

I must say I've been struggling to process why things have been as hard as they have. Why sometimes the darkness seems engulfing. I see glimpses of the light and I try to hold on to those moments for dear life. I hope when you read this that you are in a better space, that things are finally looking up and going in your favor.

I hope you learn a lot this year and that you grow in all the ways that you are expecting to. Remember we wanted our PhD before we turned 29? lol. Don't let that dream go. Remember to eat 3 meals a day and drink plenty of water. Oh and I love you, in case no one has told you lately.

Motivational memo

This FutureMe letter is a fantastic example of how your past self can motivate your future self to real progress! 

Dear FutureMe,

Remember that time moves quickly. The longer you put off getting started on your goals, the less you'll be able to achieve them and meet your future objectives. Act now; things don't need to be perfect. You can work on perfecting them as time goes. But you can't even start perfecting something that hasn't been started.

Everything doesn't have to be the worst version of itself. Know that the worst may happen, but remind yourself that in most cases, a positive outcome is the norm.

Dwell on the positive!

Staying focused

Another amazing letter of encouragement, this one tells the future self to stay focused on the goals that really matter. We love to see it!

Dear FutureMe,

Keep calm if you haven't achieved all the planned goals that you had. It is okay to be stuck somewhere and get delayed. This won't stop you from achieving what you want.

Just keep this in mind,

Life is a learning process, embrace every moment and work hard to achieve what you want.

See you soon.

Reflect and learn

This truly wonderful letter by Noah is an awesome take on how you can use FutureMe to reflect on the lessons you've learned in life. Did you take a knitting class, photography seminar, or maybe an interesting history course in college? Jot down what you learned and then ask your future self if you've used the lessons since then.

Dear Noah,

I am writing to you at the close of the mindfulness course you just took. Hello!

Here is what I have to say to you: if you can make a practice of being as warm and as forgiving and as generous to yourself as you are to others, it will unlock much of what you want to do in the world.

I hope this has been a year of being warm and forgiving and generous to yourself! And if not, just like in meditation practice when your mind drifts away, may this coming year be one of coming back to treating yourself with that love and respect that you insist on practicing for everyone you come across.

I love you! You should love you, too.


You get the idea: there are plenty of places to start your next letter to your future self. Whether you use it to reflect on some of your favorite things, reminisce about close friends and family, set some realistic goals and celebrate your success, or just have fun sending some words of inspiration and encouragement, writing a letter to your future self is worth it.