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A letter from January 1st, 2018

Dear FutureMe,
I want to start saying to you... "I love you" and I am proud of you! Look how far I,ve come!! Look at yourself! now at my very own new home, enjoying a 100% debt free life! and financial freedom!!
As I imagined in the past, my new house is beautiful! I love the decoration, the big windows, in which the warmth of the sunlight and the moonlight and the beauty of the mountains make my home absolutely radiant and spectacular!
I love your main room, as well as Emma's room, I bet my husband is loving it very much!
The kitchen is so neat and wonderful, I really look fulfilled and happy cooking for my family in your own enviroment.
The smell is very delicate this morning, is a combination of holidays and delicate cooking that invades every room and one by one Alex and Emma start to wake up. I just finished my yoga and meditation on my very amazing meditation room, this room is one, if not my favorite part of my house. I very carefully decorated it, using so many ideas that blend together make this room very inspiring! I always love the part of the day in where I go in it and let the inspirational enviroment surround my senses and let me go within my own fullness and experience that magic moment that allows me to be connected in this beautiful life and spiritual experience.
Next I am taking a shower to get refreshed and ready to start my day... what a day!! very special!! is the last day of this magnificent year 2018, I am deeply thankful for all the amazing things this year brought to my life, It's been a truly year of enjoying unfolding before my eyes....
Now refreshed it's time to cook breakfast for Emma and Alex, they are also getting showered and clean. The dogs were all excited on their walk this morning... was a perfect sky with amazing views, my energy is better than ever!
I have to start getting everything ready for tonight's New Year's Eve gathering, Alex Family are joining us, is always a pleasure getting together since we don't really see them that often.
Also... my friends Karen and Sid, as well as Janetta and Arsen and Nancy, Dana and little Ella are invited to join us... I would love also my friend Lenka coming, but she is doing her own family thing with her in laws and family.
I hope we can get together soon!! we have to celebrate all of the accomplished goals and dreams of this year!! after all we have a solid business with more than 2,000 members and leaders under our organization! We are Diamonds!!! our dream came true! we are wealthy and currently helping our leaders to get financial freedom, and I love it!! specially when they are open minded and willing to change! that reminds me always how was myself when all these started.
I thank the universe for my angels.... living and transitioned, for all of the amazing good things I received this year, for the love of my husband and daugther... Now We are even considering to extend the family.... I am deeply thankful for the peace in the world and our new great president, ( I am glad the last one was finally fired) things are good and in balance!
I am thankful for the harmony of the world and for more people awakening to the path of the truth, the path of God, the path of love!!!

Sent 1 year to the future, from January 1st, 2018 to about 1 year ago

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