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Real Letters: You were born curious

Sent October 20 2017. Time travelled over 4 years.

Published May 1st, 2022

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Dear FutureMe,

I know things have changed a lot now, and I know you are in a better position now. The aim of this letter is not to remind you of success or it's importance or the need of stability or security in life.

This letter is for you to remember your individuality. In this struggle called life it isn't so rare when you forget your own self. Success, work, money these all mere aspects of life but what has always stayed with you is your individuality, your uniqueness, your indifference to this world. Don't ever loose that, for it validates your existence here.

It's been five years, now you're in a point in your life where you can turn your fantasies into real life experiences.Your fantasies that revolved around making a difference, making the world a better place, helping others, traveling the world, exploring the unexplored.You were born curious. Curious about the world and it's ways, I hope you're still looking for answers. I hope you've found some.

You are so unique, so different for the most of them you are unfathomable.And that is the most beautiful thing about you, Don't loose your worth.And most of all NEVER SETTLE for something not worthy of you. You deserve the same enormous amount of love that you are capable of giving. I know of no other human that can give love and care without expecting the same amount in return. You will receive it too, someday ( maybe already).

Still a foodie I hope!Aah! The happiness that food brings is unmatchable. Life is short so eat a lot.So this is your life, it's your story and you've been writing it so well until now and you will keep writing it with the exact same greatness. Have faith in yourself always.

Keep believing. Keep writing. Keep playing the guitar. Keep singing. Stay crazy. Keep eating. Keep helping. Keep smiling for no reason. Continue being excited for no reason. Never give up on your beliefs, ethics and morals you decided them for yourself and always have been stubborn about them, continue doing that.Stay stubborn.Stay original.