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Create a custom "Write a Letter to the Future" experience. Share with your students, clients or customers.

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$99/year $49/year for up to 100 users and unlimited letters

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Teachers!  Contact us via your K-12 school email for a discount - just $19 per year

🎨 A Custom Experience for Your Community

The future may take many shapes and so can your FutureMe site. Customize the question and prompts, add a background picture, change font and button colors, and specify delivery date rules.

🗄️ Simple Letter Management

See all of the letters submitted, including email addresses, so you know who has written .

(Coming soon) Select letters to feature on a public site. (Coming soon) Import your users

🎉 Free to Letter Writers

Your letter writers will not see any advertising or be prompted to pay. They will have a simple streamlined experience based on your customizations

💪 Built on FutureMe

Your offering will use the same core technology that has deliverd millions of letters to the future through futureme.org. If you need help customizing your page or managing your letters, we are here to help!

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