A letter from the past

Dear FutureMe,
It’s you from July 2020, you just got your second dose! I know you’re really struggling right now and it doesn’t seem like anything can go right, but for your sake I hope it does.
Covid has made life for you a little tougher than it already is. And I’m writing this from a very low place—not the lowest, but don’t discredit the struggle. I know there is so much to look forward to, yet there is the fear that it still won’t make you happy—though it should. So I hope it has.
Right now I’m sitting here waiting to be released, soaking wet with no rain jacket or umbrella. I hope you’re doing better, at least dry.
Pandemic you.

Sent 1 year to the future from Jul 8th, 2021 to Jul 8th, 2022