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If you think FutureMe is a valuable service, please show your support with a donation! How much? We think that $1/year that FutureMe sent your letter into the future is a good amount. So, if you wrote a letter from the PastYou of 3 years ago, that would be $3. That's less than a fancy coffee drink! So skip one latte per year and help out FutureMe instead!


Rather give presents instead? Matt and Jay have Amazon wish-lists!

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Why Support FutureMe?

It isn't free, or even cheap, to run FutureMe, and the future is a long way away (we have letters to deliver all the way to 2060?!). So to make sure we can keep this all up and running, we would really appreciate your support. That's right - we ain't too proud to beg.

We hope to continue running FutureMe for many years decades to come as a free service without too many annoying ads. So please consider pitching in, dig?

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