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Cellphone Dear FutureMe, The new cell phone that you want is from Wait until November it will cost 250 so start saving.
Subject Dear FutureMe, In july set up so that the can try to get a press pass to the Tokyo Game Show
Letter from the past...o_O Dear 'FutureMe', This Christmas (2005), I was violently ill after having eaten Somerfield pork, and stayed up half the night in agony because if I curled up in bed I found it impossible to breathe, and so had to sleep flat out on my back. Please don't eat Somerfield pork. Ever. Love, 'PastMe'
Hows it going! Dear FutureMe, So tell me how are things? Hows college and hows the praying thing coming along! Are you going to transformation? YOU BETTER BE!!!! SO how is danielle and daniel? Do u still talk to colin from utah? Wasnt vegas invastion awsome!?!?!!?!?!? it really was. Hows issac doing? Are ...
Campeão? Oi! Hoje é terça, 20 de dezembro de 2005 e estou querendo saber se o Brasil foi campeão ou não... Todo mundo está confiante, dizendo que o Brasil é favorito. Mas eu estou com um pé atrás, favoritismo demais não é bom. O Brasil tem que ter pé no chão e raça para conquistar o Hexa, não vai ser f...
Subject What up? Dear FutureMe, You had better be a published author by the time you read this email or i'm gonna cut off your jack-off privilages!
How are things? Dear FutureMe, Hope u r more fit by now.... Altho things may b rough at times, dun ever, ever give up, promise urself tat... Keep ur Head up and stand proud... I would never forgive u if u give up this chance.. Above all, have fun and love urself
Subject Dear yourself, Hom nay kiem viec lam kho ghe, chan doi khong chiu noi. Chac minh khong chiu dc mat. Mai di nua xem co dc khong, neu mai khong dc thi het hi vong. Bi gio dang hoc PHP, khong kho lam nhung may nha cu qua nen khong cai dc dw8 buc minh, may kia hong xu mat. Khong biet tai sao, cung...
happy Thanksgiving 2007 Hey Future L. Its Thanksgiving 2006. Tough day today, but mostly of my own making. I spent the night away from home (DL's), came home at 6:30am (walk of shame) and slept alarmingly late 'til 10. Woke up and couldn't get it together. Laid around in my ultra-messy apartment. Didn't clean up. Ca...
Happy Birthday Dear FutureMe, Happy Birthday. 26 isn't that bad. Wait for 30. Corie's wedding is tomorrow. Good luck! How are things going with u-know-who? Give yourself a big hug! You deserve it.

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