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2222 sinh nhat vui ve luc nay ko biet tao con tren doi ko nua~,hy vong luc may nhan la thu nay may chua chet ., may con nho may dua mhx ko dao nay con lien lac ko
A letter from May 14th, 2011 Querida eu do futuro. Dear FutureMe, Oi! como você está agora? juro que enquanto escrevo essa carta, cada vez mais a ansiedade para saber aumenta, e o medo de já estar velha, acabada e cheia de rugas também. é, sem querer ofender mas acho que você está mais perto disso do que hoje eu estou , e não queremos ser velhas ...
A letter from December 3rd, 2011 Dear FutureMe, Just do it already.
A letter from ME/YOU December 3rd, 2012 Dear FutureMe, At this moment, 2012, I have been feeling so lost. I have no idea what to do with my life. I can't figure out what I've even done that's worthwhile in the last five years. Am I wasting my time here? Why am I so stagnant? This coming year, 2013, you have vowed to change you're lif...
A letter from December 4th, 2012 Dear FutureMe, привет роплавдлпоалдалпорп 123123
A letter from December 4th, 2015 Dear FutureMe, As I type this message, I wish you are having the best time of your life. I'm having a hard time making a decision, should I stay here or change my job. I find it very very hard to decide. If I change job, I would get a much higher salary but I'm afraid that I won't be able ...
A letter from December 1st, 2014 Dear FutureMe, petition to make a 100% Fall Out Boy version of The Nightmare Before Christmas 🙋 -MHM
A letter from June 4th, 2015 Dear FutureMe, I choose to Live .. and I will
A letter from July 4th, 2015 Dear FutureMe, Yes, on july 4th 2015, you actually wrote this letter on to the future you. So yeah, hope youre good there. Hows life? Trident? Any girlfriend yet? I dont think so, loser, HA. ... If youre in trident, mail me to 4th july dammit, im not at all interested in that +2 b...
A letter from September 26th, 2015 Dear FutureMe, did you get that computer yet? How's life? I hope you haven't succeeded in your plans to die yet. Do you remember me? I hope you do? Do you remember all those sad times we have? Happy Birthday! What did you get? Hope you like your life!!! -Past you

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