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4 years ago you wrote this to yourself Dear FutureMe, Are you married yet? Did you get that Bachelor's in biology like you promised yourself? What about that Canada thing, did you do that? It's 2 years past when you wanted to complete all those things, remember? I hope you did it. I hope you weren't yourself like back in that comm...
Lettera dal passato Caro futuro me. Mancano tre giorni alla laurea e tutto procede bene. Ti ho scritto per ricordarti, con questa mail, che tutto è possibile, che tutto è in tuo potere, che con la forza di volontà puoi ottenere davvero qualsiasi cosa. Ma sono tanto curioso... come stai? Ti sei sposato? Hai già un c...
A birthday message from your younger self Dear FutureMe, January 27th, 2010 Dear 25-Year-Old Noah, Holy shit. I guess if you’re reading this you are 25 now… That’s like if I got a letter from my 13-year-old self… only different… Anyway, how does it feel? Are you married with a kid, like Dad was at this age? I doubt it, but I...
yo dood Dear FutureMe, If you're still a virgin, kill yourself, that's right, kill yourself. There's no fucking point in living anymore if you went through college without getting laid. Also, tell future Blaze I said Hi.
me Dear FutureMe, hey wats going on are there really loads of robots in the future if u do actually read this give ten bucks to the guy wo made the website cos im gunna be very impressed
Hows it going? Dear FutureMe, Have you learned th meaning of life yet?
Subject Dear FutureMe, This site hurts my eyes to look at..well im not sure what this is but yea, and whatever u do, dont take the white pill in the future!take the blue one!
Happy Birthday! Hey Bob - Happy 30th Birthday! It’s one week before Christmas, and finals are just wrapping up here. By now I hope you have a wife and maybe a son or daughter. I thought you might like to know how you were at the onset of your 20s, so here’s the rundown: I spent the past semester learn...
hi, lisa, this is Amelia.^^ Hi, Lisa! This is Amelia 10 years before. You are 23 year old now.^^. I wish we are going to live together 10 years later. I hope you are in Harvard University now. Have nice days~ Bye~ -Amelia-
Hi it's me! Do you have the same email address? I don't think so! P.S. Nie jestem taki głupi jak myślałem :)

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