A letter from February 19th, 2018

Dear FutureMe,
I am so proud of you!! You've made it!! You've probably made tons of friends by now and trust me there are more to come. I hope that you've made it to a great college with great majors that connect to the medical field. I understand that this is new but you'll get through all the obstacles. Always remember this lesson: How would you like to have this $20 bill? *crumbles the bill* How about now? Do you still want the bill? *throws it down in the dirt and stomps on it, then picks it up* How about now? Do you still want this $20 bill? Well, this is a valuable lesson I have taught you. No matter what I did to that dollar bill you still wanted it. Why? Because it never lost it's worth. Life may crumble you, stomp you into the dirt, chew you up and spit you out, but no matter what life does to you, you will never lose your worth. Always remember that. Keep up the good work. Hope you make it farther in life. If you've made it this far trust me you can make it farther. I know that you're at least 18 right now so, your an adult and your taking care of yourself. Continue to make the RIGHT decisions and do GOOD in this world. You can make a difference. Byeeee. Love the 16-year-old you. ;D

Sent almost 3 years to the future from February 19th, 2018 to February 19th, 2021