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A letter from July 22nd, 2015

Dear FutureMe,

I hope you have a great job in solar power. Or wind power. I have been dreaming of having a job in either of those two fields. Right now I'm about to move to Texas in 7 weeks and I am searching for a good job. I've applied to a few solar power jobs. I hope you've succeeded in finding one. It's been five years, so I hope you've moved up. Maybe Engineering III. Have you gotten your professional engineer license yet? If not, get that. I know that when I think of that, it inspires me and makes me feel like I would make something of myself. Please don't be unhappy in some dead-end paperwork job. You did that for 3 years before getting this internship. Do you look fondly on this internship? Do you still keep in touch?

Have you met your life partner yet? The psychic said you would meet him in 2017. And be married about a year later. Did that happen? I hope he is everything you ever dreamed of. I hope you keep dating him. Never take him for granted. And don't let him take you for granted. I'm still going through the break-up with B and we still are in that living together stage. It's been a weird break-up. Are you finally healed from it? Are you still in touch with him? Send him a text. Tell him he's special. I hope he's ok five years from now. I hope he's finally found his place and is happy with himself. I miss him.
Back to your husband. Never stop dating him. Go kiss him and tell him how much you love him right now. You are so lucky to have him.

Did you get that stupid hair lasered off yet? You better have! You should be making good money by now!

I can't wait to be you reading this. To look back and remember laying on the bed upstairs with Jackson and Brendan downstairs and the swamp cooler and fan on. Remember this time? So much pain. So much anxiety. So much change. I hope you're doing better.

How's Jackson? I hope he's ok. I love that woof.

If you haven't gotten everything that I hoped, it's ok. Just work on it. By the way... How hard was it to get that degree?

Sent 5 years to the future, from July 22nd, 2015 to 14 days ago

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