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Heyooo Let's Rot

You know you focus on women to much.

Not just women, but those you want to mean a lot to you because you want yourself to mean a lot to them. Could you be happy if everyone forgot you?

I want to be remembered, as I am, in this current state. But what about all your exes? They sure as shit want to move on beyond you, as they latch their tongue upon another lover and "ooh" and "ahh" as they slide their dick tenderly inside of their precious jewel. Funny word to call it, eh? But you know you consider that, them, sacred, eternal, perfect, sacrosanct.

You waste your time on others, wishing for them to feel perfect with you, but ruining, decaying, rotting their emotions and passions with your constant soft complaints. Why can't you find someone? What's wrong with you? Is it the antisocial side of your heart, the hatred that throbs within that forces you away from those that you desire, pulling close the ones you'll never want to keep?

This is a lot of speculation, and I hope you're different now, but maybe you're still you're old imperfect, melancholy self that draws pictures of doves and yellow birds while your ex finally kisses the man she wants. Do you know how that feels? Do I comprehend what that's truly like?

I want to bury my head in sand and experience a granule suffocation, if only for a bit. Never never never never love again. Let it decompose pieces of your sequenced knuckles until your nephews laugh at how you've never found a woman.

Oh oh oh oh oh never stop writing either.

Sent 7 years to the future, from May 24th, 2013 to 22 days ago

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