A Letter From the Past

Dear FutureMe,

How’s life? Right here, right now, I’m pretty happy. But just in case life ain’t so peachy...

OCCUPADO. Don’t forget it.

It’s April 6, 2011 and according to Vostro (is he still alive and overheating?) it’s 5:38 p.m. I’m at home staring at a prominently empty screen and wishing I had brought down some socks – it’s cold. The birds are quiet – that’s new – and Coco’s trying to hypnotize me into opening the backyard door. At the moment my current goal is to piece together a letter that will at least make you smile stupidly at the memory – or lack thereof. Of course, I’m failing.

2012 must have been an interesting year - any violent earthquakes or worldwide floods? For me, ‘future’ implies flying cars, joy trips to the moon, and anything straight out of I-Robot. Have they at least mastered 3-D TV, no glasses required?

Is it safe to call you a vet? You’ve always dreamt of it, I should know. Please tell me university isn’t really the scary place it made itself out to be during my first visit. I’d rather not die from stress at seventeen.

Forgive. People aren’t perfect and neither are you.

Laugh. It’s the best medicine – and you burn calories.

Love like a child. There is no greater kind.

Remember the good old times. Remember when the boat to Ameland almost tipped over and how all you could think was “That was totally wicked!” Remember how you and Evelyn sat in the sea, letting the waves wash over you, completely at peace...until your arm met Mr. Jellyfish and you ran to shore while Ev screamed “Tsunami! Wait, how do you say that in Dutch...?”Remember the beach and the whistling boys. Remember the giddy feeling you get when something makes your day.

Please tell me you still remember Chuck - he is your desktop background and Firefox theme after all. ‘Captain Awesome’ had better ring a bell...

Well future me, I hope you still live with hope for tomorrow and have trumped your fear of what’s yet to come. I hope you still shamelessly cry during sad movies and beautiful moments. I hope you’re still drawing and haven’t given up on your ideas. Of course I hope you still use the same passwords – for memory sake – and haven’t forgotten to thank the Chinese hacker for sending spam to long lost friends.

Miracles do happen and praying does work – just think of Tiny, or the school fire, or the million other ‘coincidences’ of life. When in doubt, look into the rear view mirror – things happen for a reason.

I wonder what you look like, whether your dreams have changed, how you act. Am I still me? I hope so. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, exactly as God made you, or ashamed to voice your beliefs. I might be a hypocrite for saying this, but don’t fear for tomorrow; God has a Plan and you’re a part of it.

Much love,

Written Apr 7th, 2011 • Delivered Apr 6th, 2021 • 506 words

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