Time Travelled — about 10 years

Hi, Heloise. Long time no see.

Dear FutureMe, Oh, man, life is complicated right now. That doesnt necessarily mean bad, though. Imma describe my life right now so you can see what has changed, and to make sure we can remember who we were. I have just fallen in love for the first time, and its great. I love music, reading, comics, and drawing more than anything. Im kinda lazy, and my grades arent great, but i still want to get into a good school and have a decent life. Im 15. I am having family problems, and i live with memere right now, but i still love them all. Paloma is great. My friends are all the best things that ever happened to me. I hope that when you read this, you have as great friends as i do right now. Or the same ones. That would be great. I hope that your life is decent, if not completely awesome. I hope you havent lost yourself to the stress of adult life and become a boring, dead on the inside person. I hope you still know how to have fun. I hope you have a job that you enjoy going to. I hope you are still on speaking terms with your family, and that you can still say you love them as much as i do now. I wish you luck with the future and i hope that you are happy. Happy birthday, me of the future :-)

Mar 27th, 2011 → Jun 22nd, 2021 • 243 words

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