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Have you kept your Promises?

Dear FutureMe,

1)I promise to always be true to myself. To be honest about myself, with myself.
2)I promise to always be honest with others. Never to deceive or withhold the real truth from ones I love.
3)I promise to be considerate of others needs before my own and to treat everyone that crosses my path with the same respect and honor that I would wish to receive from them.
4)I promise to be humble. To act gracious and considerate to all, even to people who's actions may not appear to deserve this, my promise is to be benevolent to these people no matter how they treat me.
5)I promise to to give every action, deed, and duty my best effort.
6)I promise to make the most of every situation I stumble into, for that is the only way to enjoy life in the fullest.
7)I promise to enjoy life to the fullest. To create joy when others may not be able or willing to.
8)I promise to aspire, to dream.
9)I promise to be driven to achieve my aspirations and dreams, to never say never about the things I dream of doing and achieving.
10)I promise to keep my love of friends and family above all else. To make time for them and to live my life with them, whether together or far apart. Besides my own aspirations and convictions, they are all I have. I, as well as they, deserve to live our lives together, to share the best experiences together, good, and bad, forever.
11)I promise to go out of my way to spread my love to the ones I love. To keep my family and friends in touch, considering them at all times.
12)I promise to do the same for ones I do not love. I know that I love being cheered by ones I do not know, therefore, I will do the same.
13)I promise to consume with respect for the Earth and for others.
14)I promise to make an impact for the better in this world. To use these promises to my own benefit, as well as the whole Earth's. I will do everything I can to make the world a better place.
15)I promise to use these promises to breed them into others' promises.
16)I promise to be the best overall person that I can be, without making excuses, always striving to use my promises and convictions to enjoy life and help the Earth's population do the same.
17)I promise to keep my promises.

Sent almost 10 years to the future from November 13th, 2010 to November 12th, 2020
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