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dear future me

Dear Future Me, well today i think i got with Brittany but i'm not sure its 5:08 but like just turned 5:08 right while i was typing i took caffeine earlier but it didn't do very much i don't think the cat is standing nest to me and i think he wants to go outside but fuck him he's a cat i got my controller to work on my PC so i can play cs and DOD and halo with a ps2 esque controller. today i trimmed my pubes...

well thats about all the random info i can put in one message to me in the future i hope this finds me well

when i get this i should be 18 i hope this server is still running because i know ill "lol" if and or when i recieve this

love (and other such bullshit)
-Jacob from 2006

Sent 12 years to the future, from June 26th, 2006 to 6 months ago

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