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Blast from the past. Hi.

Dear FutureMe,

Well. If you still have Gmail, which would surprise me just a bit, you probably won't remember ever writing this (which wouldn't really surprise me at all). You found a website through some kind of stumble-on-interesting-sites plug-in on Firefox, a website called, which let you write this in 2006 to mail to yourself... whenever. On your 30th birthday. If you're still around to read it then.

Given that you're, well, you, I kind of suspect you will be. There's something about you that's disturbingly interminable.

So. I feel I ought to get philosophical, though philosophy was never quite my strong point. So I'll ask some burning questions, and we can take it from there.

Did you ever get published? You were writing an entire trilogy about the vampire boys, remember...? Do you still draw them far too much? What happened with Dragon -- do you still talk? And Nikki? Ryszu and Marcus?

How many instruments do you play? I can survive on guitar and I'm not so bad on piano, and I've got my ocarina of course, but I'd love to learn flute and violin and all sorts more -- how many do you play? Do you still sing? Are you a soprano still, or did you take the plunge and become a tenor -- and all that that implies? I'm sitting here physically female, loathing it with every fibre of my psychologically male being... I really hope you did eventually get the chance to make yourself 'you'. Or at the very least became more comfortable with what you were born with.

Have you still given up on love, or is there a special someone at last? Do you still maintain that you won't build your world around any one person? Is it just one, or are there several? Did you end up polyamorous, or did something happen that persuaded you it'll be one forevermore?

What's your salary now? (Sorry -- rude question!). Did you ever do a degree? Did you start your own company, or are you still an accountant? Did you ever get to like it, or will it always be 'that damn job I had to do while I was on less than minimum goddamn wage and doing NVQs'?

What happened with you and your father? Did you ever make up?

Are you still living in the house you were born in? Remember how when you were a kid, you said you'd never leave that house, and then when you were 18 it was all guns blazing to try and move out as soon as possible... I want to move somewhere, anywhere, maybe down south somewhere. Where are you now?

Still try to tell the world you never ever cry? (You pseudo-macho idiot. *small smile*).

You do know I'll think of a hundred other questions right after I hit send on this, don't you? Oh well. I can always come back and write another email to you, I suppose. We never were one for doing things by halves.

Anyway, I've got to go -- I always say that to people, even when I haven't -got- to go at all... Do you still do that?

...I'm going, either way. This is kind of odd, in a rather awesome way.

So long, you.

PS -- What bike are you riding nowadays??? =D

Sent 11 years to the future, from May 28th, 2006 to over 1 year ago

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