Time Travelled — almost 17 years

It's me

Mar 09, 2006 Mar 09, 2023

Peaceful right?

Dear FutureMe,

Thirty-five years eh? How does it feel? Well it took me quite a while to figure out what I want to write to you. Thinking of you gets me nervous. Remember Professor Grow? How she said she was on a diet? Well being thirty-five and hopefully married with kids, you better not be on a diet. I'm kinda excited, take good care of yourself. I hope I don't loose the password to this email..

It's been eighteen years and I still have not been out of state. If I'm thirty five and still in the same situation, I will be very upset. Get to it!

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Mar 09, 2006 → Mar 09, 2023 • 107 words


17 days ago

This is so cool from like 18 years ago


16 days ago

I was 1 and a hlaf when this was written, I grew up 17 years more just to find myself reading this letter that was written when I was a very small child. This really makes me feel amazed.


12 days ago

This letter is older than me :O


11 days ago



7 days ago

Hope all is well with the writer


7 days ago

This is so cute


4 days ago

the writer is alive?? hello!!


3 days ago

We need an update from the writer! How is he/she?


3 days ago

Wow. This is so sweet. How’re you doing ? I hope you read this and respond.


1 day ago

We need to hear from the writer

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