Time Travelled — 3 months

A letter from Nov 10th, 2021

Nov 10, 2021 Feb 10, 2022

Dear FutureMe,

This is a letter from the last day of the mindfulness course.

I learned that meeting moments and situations with friendliness and curiosity can prevent me from judging. Judging felt dirty and shameful and small.

I learned to name my feelings. And when you name them they pass more quickly. When they are named they don't fester and rot away in my heard and heart.

I learned not to let anger be alone. Send up a seed of self compassion at the same time (Buddhist) and to hoo6d myself gently during the times when I'm angry or afraid. Not everything demands an immediate bounce back.

I learned that I don't always need to say what I'm thinking because it's better to not speak than it is to speak and add negativity. It's so hard to not use my voice, for so many years it was all I had. But now I have something else, I have the choice.

This class showed me I have choices in how I react. I don't always know the right choice. But that I can see more options is a win imo. The choice to stop, to be curious, to listen, to breathe, to name a feeling, to cry, to be hurt or mad. And the choices are my Power.

And the power can help me find thre truth of the present moment. Cause the moment is all I have.

Here's to more moments!

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