Time Travelled — 12 months

A letter from May 22nd, 2021

May 22, 2021 May 22, 2022

Dear Future Me,

As always, you had forgot to respond as soon as you received the 2020 email. Maybe in 2022, it'll be different.

My brave, brave man. My hero. You've survived another year. I say this with the utmost pride and love, because after May 2020, the First Conjuring Module happened, so did the Second Dark Days, the Lost Days; the day where you collapsed into a dark pit of despair, wondering how the hell you were going to get through the day. The days where you slowly lost every single social connection you've ever add, culminating to the day this email was written, on the 21st of May, 2021; when you had quite 100% literally nobody you talked to; when you had to look forward to the bittersweet event the next day that was Hareesh's wedding.

You got through DS1101, all those counselling sessions, all those tears and all those revaluations of yourself and you came out strong. And I know that after writing this, you'll be going through some more; maybe even worse, maybe even better. You'll still come out strong by the time this email is delivered to you the next year, because that's who you are. You're strong, and you're a survivor. You've seen as much darkness as you can, and you've seen as much light as well. You don't die, you don't fade away; you persist, you live, and you grow strong, just like the golden rose of the Game of Thrones house you love so much.

I know how hard it is. I know how difficult it is, with us and our heads; with having nobody for company; feeling like there's nobody for company. I know the difficult choices we make and the difficult situations we push ourselves and are pushed into. I know the absolute chaotic maelstrom of emotions that ravage us every day. I also know that it's been happening for 9 years now, and we've grown out of it, no matter how fast it grows into us. I'm still here, you're still here, and we're still here.

Go on, my brave guy. Grow strong, tall, wide, smart, intelligent, wise, kind. Survive. Live. I know you will, because you've done it thousands of times before now.

Is the lockdown and the pandemic still happening? Are you still in Adyar? You moved out of that memorable apartment in Thiruvanmiyur, remember? How do you feel now? Did you make any new connections, friends?

Whatever you turned out to be, I'm proud of you. Beyond everything else, I'm proud of you, and Lord Shiva is too. Always remember that. Be strong, be smart, be kind. Survive. Keep living, keep running, keep being as happy as possible.

Past You.

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