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Hi!! its me..U frm Past..:-)

Dear Sallu,

Well i am mailing myself on this day frm my office(iEnergizer)...dunno wats goin to be in the nxt future...wat life has stored for me..and where will i b...even the same i cant say abt others..but if i still exist and read this message then atleast i can stil remember my past and cherish some unforgettable moments of my life...;-)
I wont be able to remember everything in my memory but still this mail is like a "CHECKPOINT" of my life...

I pray to GOD for a nice life for me in the future..

Thanks to for such an opportunity...

Live Life KINGSIZE!!!!!


Sent 30 years to the future, from December 22nd, 2005 to about 18 years from now

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