Time Travelled — 8 months Epilogue

A letter from November 15th, 2020

Dear FutureMe,
i hope i get to go to japan soon and that by grades aren't horrible i hope covid has gone away and that i got into boarding school if not..well i really gotta ask allisa what school she's going to so i can go there make sure to keep in touch with jesse and daniel and dyllan and especially issabella all of your friends in fact make sure to get all
-ALL the beanies, i hope you made new friends,i hope you still love to draw and have gotten heaps better i REALY hope you still love bnha and haikyuu and all the animes and i hope you still have your awesome sense personality oh and um....
do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend yet? in know its a strange question but eh why not ask haha. anyway i hope the future is way better that now and i really hope covid is just a myth now were no one really remembers or cares about it anymore,(and i hope we didn't get a zombie apocalypse) also please tell me there's no more babies..that would suck oh and have you done any cosplays? i wonder what ones you've done you would ov had to of done deku by now anyway have you moved houses yet just wondering..well happy birthday goodbye

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Hellooo hooman

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