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A letter from April 5th, 2020

Apr 5th, 2020 Jan 5th, 2022

Dear FutureMe,
I have decided that this is one of the most important dates of your life and I do believe today is the beginning of something bigger than you have ever known or even dreamed of. I have ho idea where you are in your life right now, who is still by your side and who is not. All I know is that you are trembling in fear many times at the thought of this day. I know you both waited for it, cried for it and despised it with all of your heart but you have to remember who you are. This is not the end of your life, it is only the end of a stage. You are strong and you will be free. You are already free. You're 18 and even though I know you are terrified, you will be fine. You know why? Because no matter ,during your childhood you got up and showed them that you are way more than a crybby. You did that every day and every second of your life. You suffered a great deal of abuse. But you still are capable of love and even though you felt pain so many nights growing up and you curled up in your bed scared of the noises around you, you were strong enough to make it through. And you will all of your life.
I have no idea how your life has changed. I hope that things go according to your plan and you're aalmost moved with him. I hope did not leave you. Because every day and hour of your pain he stood by you and took it all in with you. I hope you're happy no matter what you decided for your future and I hope you're building it together. I hope you are still in Romania. Lie to yourself all you want but your heart is buried somewhere in Bucovina.You can run all over the world but you will never feel as hapy as you feel when the sun rises over tha black sea and you feel every inch of you trembling. You are Romanian and you will die a Romanian no matter what they say. I hope you are ready to raise your baby someday and I hope he is next to you. I hope you two bought a dacia and made it vintage like you haave always dreamed of. I hope you are still happy together. Because he really did save you of yourself and what you were about to do to your life. Lastly I hope your best friends, your mother, your father are there. Remember they all love you. I know how easily you forget this and cry and get scared. But they love you even when they do not show it. You are the light of their life no matter what. I love you. Happy birthday

ps: I know how much meaning this still has to you so you remember you re a strong woman
"suntem viata ce-a dat viata vietii tale"

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