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A letter from the date you dealt with anatomy once and for all

I’m not that little orphan anymore

I am a whole woman responsible for my own life now

I need to stop feeling sorry for myself to move on

this chapter isn’t going to close itself

I have raised myself with the help and aid of many, but now I am capable of taking over my case, my depression isn’t gonna stop me, my chronic illness isn’t gonna disable me and my past setbacks, they don’t and won’t define me

I know I always felt the need to be defined by my story, by drawing empathy or sympathy from others.. but this isn’t the case anymore

my story will not be my past circumstances

from now onward, my story is my decisions, my intentions, and my actions

I create my story, I am the poet now *drops the mic and doesn't wait for applaud*

Sent 12 months to the future, from February 7th, 2019 to about 2 months ago

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