Public, but Anonymous, Letters: Sent Farthest into the Future

A letter from March 15th, 2017 Dear FutureMe, The real aliens will reach our planet year 2130
A letter from April 28th, 2017 Dear FutureMe, visit me and i love you... your pastMe ficko
A letter from May 23rd, 2017 Dear FutureMe, bwahahaha, bet you thought this would actually be important. p.s. How is college? Did you make Eagle? Are you in Photojournalism or Engineering or something else? What are you doing for a living? Do you have a wife yet? Do you have six or more kids? Are you still Christian?
Édem Willian 16th 2017 Você é a salvação do mundo ......
A letter from May 19th, 2017 Dear FutureMe, I hope you didnt delete this account happy 48th birthday also i hope you are not dead I really hope your life is settled and you are in a house of your own if not i will pray for you. Wow 48 already! I sorta never thought I would live this long I hope that you spend your days but ...
A letter from April 3rd, 2017 Dear FutureMe, Es-tu en vie ?
A letter from May 29th, 2017 Dear FutureMe, stay dank Adios for now
We have assumed control Dear FutureMe, Forward this message to be delivered on May 25th, 2112
A letter from May 24th, 2017 zkouška, zkouška - je tam ještě vůbec někdo?
A letter from May 24th, 2017 Zdravím z minulosti, je tam ještě vůbec někdo?

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