Public, but Anonymous, Letters: Sent Farthest into the Future

A letter from August 9th, 2017 Dear FutureMe, Hey, Gurl! Wassup! How's senior life treating you? How many kids/grandkids you got? Is the future super different? Are there flying cars? -Leslie C. Age 12
For all time! Dear FutureMe, Forget what you think you know and understand that you very truthfully know nothing. This is from my past to your future. My present is simple and dull. Your future is different and bizarre. Fifty years have elapsed. What is this present? Are flying cars for real and common? I...
A letter from May 31st, 2017 [Confidential] [Classified] [Goverment Secret] Dear FutureMe, Warning in 3 years aliens will arrive in planet earning they are departuring from 1000 light years away and will come out of hyperspace on the edge of the Milky Way galaxy! Please i warn you to build a bunker one u get dis email!!!!!!!
A letter from March 15th, 2017 Dear FutureMe, The real aliens will reach our planet year 2130
The Corruption, Has it Arrived Yet? Hi, Just to remind you (me), i am looking for the corruption, and have done so all my life. I hope it has been achieved by this time. By the way, you are now 75 years old... FeelsBadMan Greetings, Myself
A letter from April 28th, 2017 Dear FutureMe, visit me and i love you... your pastMe ficko
A letter from May 23rd, 2017 Dear FutureMe, bwahahaha, bet you thought this would actually be important. p.s. How is college? Did you make Eagle? Are you in Photojournalism or Engineering or something else? What are you doing for a living? Do you have a wife yet? Do you have six or more kids? Are you still Christian?
Édem Willian 16th 2017 Você é a salvação do mundo ......
A letter from July 20th, 2014 اليوم الخميس 11/17 ❤❤❤❤جالس اتابع الحب اثنيان خالد ❤❤❤❤❤ منسدح على الكنب وبس
A letter from July 26th, 2017 Dear FutureMe, FELIZ 83 CUMPLE!!!! HI THIS IS SCARY BUT IF YOU RECEIVE THIS LETTER PLEASE WRITE BACK IF YOU CAN.... your name is Florian and you traveled a whole lenght of distance to south america from UK but initialy you were borned in Romania ... i know its weird but if you get this...

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