Public, but Anonymous, Letters: Sent Farthest into the Future

A letter from October 10th, 2013 Dear FutureMe, hi, i doubt i'll be alive by then, since this is pretty far in the future, but yeah.
A letter from January 27th, 2016 Dear FutureMe, Happy 100th birthday! Message 1/5 remember: 540996
Awesome Man, you're still alive ? You're awesome ! Welcome to the 22th century <3 - Me, 30th december 2016
A letter from January 16th, 2017 Dear FutureMe, Happy Birthday!
hello again I really proud of you that you got this far in life. And if you're dead by now, I'm really sorry for you.. PS: try to stay alive please PPS: enjoy your life!! PPPS: if you don't remember I'm 14
Письмо из прошлого от Сергея 19.01.2017 Привет, тому кто читает это письмо! Может я Леус Сергей Владимирович доживу до этого времени, тогда надеюсь и я его прочитаю. Я живу в Украине, г.Кузнецовск (новое название - Вараш), я родился 17.08.1987 года. Если это читает кто другой - найдите меня или моих потомков. Сейчас тяжелое время в У...
A letter from January 12th, 2017 Dear FutureMe, You are probably dead now. Sorry
A letter from August 11th, 2016 Dear Future panks, today there was there was no academy as their was rain.....tomorow is our kho kho match may be and dance will be there.....and happy new year i m 14 is shouting on me kyunki mein submerwsever band karne ne ja rha.....ty

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