Time Travelled — over 18 years

Gudday from a younger you

Sep 25, 2005 Jan 09, 2024

Peaceful right?

Dear David So we've made it to 75 and email (of some sort) still exists. Well done us. Perhaps it's because I kept going to gym which I started two weeks ago. Perhaps not! So how is the future? Petabyte wristwatches yet? Do you still have wristwatches or have you finally had the whole lot embedded and connected directly to the brain and optic nerves? Back in 2006, Pauline is three weeks into her 2nd hip op, Alice is 16 and still going strong (but probably not for much longer - she runs everywhere but her back legs are really starting to pack up and after three ops for cancer she can't take another), and we are in Nelson at 363 Hardy Street. We have just decided to sell Pumpkin Hill so that we can a) go ahead with our plans to renovate this house, b) have a continuous flow of cash to live and go on holidays etc (hope the money has lasted :-), c) not have to keep looking at the share market each day to see if bloody Intelligroup has produced their June 2004 accounts yet!! We are a week past an election which appears to have been won by Helen Clark (Labour Prime Minister for the last six years, Don Brash is leader of the National Party) but are waiting on special votes to be counted to be certain. New Orleans has just been devastated by a force 4 hurricane, the Israelis have recently withdrawn from the Gaza strip. the US and UK are still enmeshed in Iraq which appears to be gradually sinking into civil war, Global Warming is the world's biggest current worry (closely followed by oil shortages, poverty, hunger, etc), and George Bush has just committed USD100B to land US astronauts on the moon by 2018. Cool technology of the moment are phones with small cameras (2mp is latest) and music players included, Apple's iPod music player, Tivo hard disk TV recorder (although still not generally available in NZ - Sky is finally about to release their version). Convergence is the buzzword du jour but there is still a way to go to the all-in-one-communicator/entertainment system/GPS locator that I assume you will have had long before now. Google is looking to challenge Microsoft for the largest IT company. Supposedly future technologies are nano-technology, genetic engineering, cryogenics. Also, there have been predictions by longevity experts that you should be close to achieving immortality by now. My back is painful from time to time but otherwise I can still do 30 plus press-ups and am reasonably fit. For both our sakes, I hope that technology improvment has meant that you are not reading this and looking back with envy. And that the time in-between has not passed too quickly. But most of all, I hope we are happy with our life, whatever shape it now takes. David (56)


about 1 month ago

Omg 😳 i wonder how he is right now


about 1 month ago

Back to the future


about 1 month ago

çoğu şeyin hâlâ geçerli olması insanlığın deliliği gibi geliyor


about 1 month ago

this is literally so cuteee


about 1 month ago



about 1 month ago

So cute omg :')


about 1 month ago

omg I hope he is doing more than okay


about 1 month ago

I hope he doing well


about 1 month ago

Bruh. I think he dead


about 1 month ago

This is weird to see this from another persons perspective, Anyways y'all love yourself-cuz you don't need a reason to love yourself🥰😏😘

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