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sooo how are you?

Heres another letter from good old you!!

right so at the moment we are going through the hottest year on record in good old Ireland. I think it was 21 today but it hasnt reached summer yet. Theres supposedly going to be a heat wave during the summer. Which is going to be strange seeing as Meagans going to be here. I better wear loads of antiperspirant ha ha!

Are you still with Meagan?(damn you cant reply to me.....i wish you could) Just thought I'd ask sorry if it brings back bad memories for you and if it brings back amazing ones then you should pat yourself on the back for asking.

At the moment theres 37 days left till she arrives! I seriously cant wait. I'm sure you remember the feeling well. I hope you stayed with her though shes amazing and totally devoted to you. I can't even imagine anything bad happening between us! if its your fault your a jackass and I'm ashamed to be part of you!

I hope your still not as stubborn as I am now. Always thinking your right...come on man get over it. And the whole lactose thing.....i hope your good with all that!

what else......I hope your in the job i have always wanted to be in...and if you listened to that guy we went to long ago for you (not so much for me) then i hope it worked out. Seriously if your not in the job you remember us dreaming about i dare you to quit right now and apply for that job or apply to a college. cause i swear i will come forward in time and kick your ass if you haven't done that yet!ha ha.

But I hope everythings going great for you and you have put in some work...god knows i dont have the patience for that stuff now. I hope you have become what i have always wanted us to be!

Good Luck with Life man!
Without imagination reality is nothing! (remember)

see you in the mirror!!

Sent 10 years to the future, from May 2nd, 2007 to over 2 years ago

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