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Dear Future Me,

These are the things I hope I will have accomplished by now.

Frank & I have been married what seems like forever but in fact is only 20 years. If not, I am enjoying widowhood as much as is possible when you've lost a man who is your best friend, greatest protector, ardent lover, and optimist to the end. I'm hoping, at 71and 78, we'll still be rockin'and rollin.'

Claire is out of college with her bachelor's. Who would have thought she A) ended up doing exactly what she wanted (history professor) or B) XXXX, which turns out to be much better. I only half hope to have a grandchild by now. I know Claire will still be the joy and light of my life as she always has been.

I hope I went through more educatation, maybe even a masters in communications. Did I get the job with Senior Citizens, Inc. that Shelley Ratliff thought I would be perfect for? Do I remember the job or live it every day.

Right now, in 2006, if I don't get back to flute and/or guitar, I'm gonna lose it. I hope I can still play chord progressions and scales, and pick sing Amazing Grace with no shame.

My friends today: Sue Stanton, Juanita Walton. I hope I'll have done my part in keeping them and I've made 2 more in the years I have left.

And have I stayed on the straight and narrow with my bipolar? Have I written View from the Rollercoaster as a first effort and had the guts to follow it with a real second effort.

Only time will tell.

Sent 12 years to the future, from January 21st, 2006 to over 1 year ago

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