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A letter from July 19th, 2019

Dear FutureMe,
Happy 26th birthday! I don't know what the rest of 2019 had in store, but I hope it was a good year.

Birthdays are always going to be hard without Meme. There will always be the reminder of her in every one I have. Take some time to read some of her cards from past years and have a short cry. Hopefully the day includes her noodles & corn!

I just started my full-time position at CAS. I really love it so far, but this week it's starting to stress me out. We see some happy moments, but also some very sad ones. You and your "bleeding heart" can't take it some days, but we have great staff around us for support.

I've absolutely loved having my weekly fun night with Ana. I feel like we are both in a really good place, finally. We both had some scares over past years, but we came out on the other side. We finally finished college, and we both found jobs we love.

Soon, I'd like to be able to find a house to buy. But I'm very scared to do that alone. Right now it's fun to have extra money while I live at home- but they're starting to annoy the crap out of me, mainly Jarrett. A little space to myself would be nice. But, I've hardly been home this summer anyway.

I need to remember to fit self-care into my busy schedule. I am super sad that Gaia Kosha closed, because that yoga studio was my "me" time every week. Hoping in the next few months I find a worthy replacement! I can do it in the basement, but it's just better with a class.

Happy happy birthday, hope it's filled with lots of love and kids!


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