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A letter from August 19th, 2018

Dear Future Me, you’ll be 23 when you get this and just thinking about that is terrifying. I hope you’re in a good college in someplace foreign following our dream to become a lawyer. Are mom and dad proud of us? Selena must’ve recently turned 13, how is she? Is she happy to be starting 8th grade? I hope grandpa survived and overcame the cancer. If he did, call him, just to say you love him. If he didn’t, I hope grandma has moved on. Call her too, ask her how she’s doing. Never forget how important family is. Are you still friends with people from middle school? God, I hope not most of them are fake bitches. But I do hope you found a stable friend circle, even a boyfriend maybe😉 Remember, don’t give up on our dreams and if you plan on having kids, be good to them. Wherever you are just know, (almost) 13 year old you is proud. Much love, Selma.

Sent 10 years to the future, from August 19th, 2018 to over 8 years from now

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