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A letter from October 8th, 2011 Dear Future Me, Happy birthday! The only gift that I can give you is a memory of being 3 years younger. I've probably already given you a few extra scars from being careless ;). You were dissatisfied with yourself, mostly because you'd been single for your whole life. Back then, you didn...
A letter from October 26th, 2012 Dear FutureMe, today is a bad day. dark thoughts, suicidal wants, cutting.. Well, I hope for you that everything will go great. I hope that everything will get better. That I will realize my dreams. In the end, I'm just a 14 years old, who needs to be happy. And I will be.
A letter from March 26th, 2013 Dear FutureMe, I hope C and the house are going well. How's the job front? I know that working on all your issues has been rough here and there but I hope, by now, it's becoming more rewarding than anything else. I know this time of year is hard for you, but stick close to those who love y...
A letter from September 7th, 2013 Dear FutureMe, Don't forget to make those halloween cookies. I saved it under um, pictures on the laptop, under "cookie"
A letter from October 20th, 2013 Dear Future Me, You can be very successful. Just stick to the plan! Respect yourself. K and K need you! Never forget that. Be good!
A letter from October 25th, 2013 Dear FutureMe, How's it going with you? Hopefully all is well. I find writing this a little stranger, but at the same time, very exciting. If only you could email me back, and tell me that everything works out, and that everything is okay. Right now, I am an eighteen year old girl who is just...
A letter from October 25th, 2013 Dear FutureMe, Just remember that some days are good but most are bad. Never get embarrassed because there is nothing that will happen to you that won't happen to everyone else at least once.
A letter from October 26th, 2013 Dear FutureMe, 即使在困难也要坚持,我不怕,我真的不怕,我只怕让家人失望。也许没有我想象的那么简单。
A letter from October 26th, 2013 Dear FutureMe, A smile is a curve that sets everything straight! Liefs je zusje
A letter from October 26th, 2013 Dear FutureMe, you'll fail in life. you suck. you're hideous. just die already.

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